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 Clermont-Ferrand, Bibl. mun., ms. 0084, f. 047

The rich and unique documentation at IRHT, which is fundamental for research and consulted by scholars from around the world, is supplemented daily by the staff. Manuscript descriptions and thematic card-files (authors, texts, bibliographies, provenance…) are progressively augmented and integrated into online data bases. The complementary specialties of the staff members cover the following areas:

- Palaeography (knowledge of the practices and gestures used in writing texts)
- Papyrology (documents on papyrus) and diplomatics (archival documents and practices)
- Codicology (archaeology of the book) and the dating of manuscripts by the analysis of their decoration, script and material aspects
- History of libraries, schools, and the reception of written culture
- History of languages in the Mediterranean Basin (Latin, romance languages, Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, Syriac, Arabic)
- History of texts: genesis, diffusion, circulation and reception, translation, multi-lingualism
- Liturgical and hagiographic texts
- Ecdotic analysis, which uses all the preserved witnesses of a text to establish the state or states of a text that can be attributed to an author
- Study of the sources used in a text
- Critical analysis of attributions and datings
- Art-historical analysis of the decoration of manuscripts and illuminated incunables
- Musical works and practices as documented in manuscripts.