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Research activity

Bourges, BM, ms. 3, f. 133v

Research activity is based on the first-hand analysis of manuscript sources. In order to write the history of texts, many intellectual tools, such as repertories, inventories and catalogues, must first be produced by the research sections. Manuscript and early book collections must be explored regularly and their holdings inventoried, described, dated and localised. Critical editions of texts are the next prerequisite to their historical understanding. Since its foundation IRHT has studied the written transmission of human thought, examining how the texts were produced, read, interpreted, translated, modified, housed in libraries, studied and exchanged by readers.  A close knowledge of the written document that results from this fundamental research.

Annual reports

The annual report for 2005-2009 (PDF) presents the scientific accomplishments of IRHT and its members in a tri-partite thematic classification:

  • The written transmission of human thought
  • Oral and written transmission
  • Texts and images in society

Documents to upload :

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Bilan des 3 axes de recherche

Bilan « nouvelles pratiques de la recherche et digital humanities »

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