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Cambrai, BM, ms. 189, f. 115

IRHT is a hub for teaching and the transmission of knowledge. It welcomes students and researchers in all its specialised areas and organises each year, often in conjunction with institutions of higher learning, several colloquia, round tables, and study days on the history of texts.

IRHT also offers every year lectures on unpublished research in a thematic cycle that takes place on two separate study days.

  Study days and round tables


  Thematic cycles

2012-2013 Materia medica : circulation des livres et construction des savoirs au Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance

  Archives of thematic cycles

       2005-2006 — Le manuscrit dans tous ses états

       2003-2004 — Les manuscrits liturgiques

       2002-2003 — L'érudition

       2001-2002 — Les manuscrits philosophiques

       2000-2001 — Les traductions au Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance

        1999-2000 — Archives et bibliothèques